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Peter and Damian rehearsing 'Settling Accounts' - the first playlet of London Suite.

Peter and Damian

London Suite


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About Canterbury Players

We're a mixed age group and always welcome new members, whether onstage or helping with the many activities needed to stage a show. Don't worry if you don't know what's involved; we'll give you training and support! It's a great way to get out of the house, learn new skills, and meet new friends. Join us and be part of our next production!

lir Canterbury Players started out as a parent-teacher group in 1949, presenting plays on stage in the hall at Canterbury Road Junior School in Davyhulme, and occasionally at other locations in the area for events such as play readings.

Since March 2007 our home has been the stage at the Methodist Church Hall on Brook Road, Flixton, where we have presented comedies, dramas, farces, thrillers and murder mysteries. We have very much enjoyed our time there, presenting award winning shows, social evenings and rehearsing.

Sadly, in Summer 2021 the Church closed! We now have all our assets stored at Urmston Musical Theatre’s home at Pennybridge and we thank them very much for their hospitality.

We will continue to hold play readings and other events in the area and will be presenting plays and ‘Theatre Suppers’ at Urmston Sports Club. These have always been a huge success! There will be a new set of portable staging there, donated by the Leigh Trust for the use of our society and the Club. We look forward to using it!

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Messenger 11th June 2020 (p31)


Thank you to these local businesses who have supported us in our forthcoming or previous production. Their adverts in our programme are shown here in alphabetical order.

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Photos & Archive

Our archive of scrapbooks and albums is packed with photos, press cuttings, programmes and posters dating dating back to our formation in 1949. If you can, please contribute by emailing us with digital photos, scanned programmes and cuttings.

radio Click the radio to listen to a recording of a 1974 broadcast when two Canterbury Players members, the late June Lucas and the late Harold Wilkinson, were interviewed by a local radio station.


Production History

no. year month title author
151 2019 May House Guest Francis Durbridge
150 2018 November There Goes The Bride Ray Cooney & John Chapman
149 2018 July Vicar Of Dibley Ian Gower & Paul Carpenter
148 2018 April Murder Weapon Brian Clemens
147 2017 November Kindly Keep It Covered Dave Freeman
146 2017 July Hi-De-Hi! Jimmy Perry & David Croft
145 2016 November Gaslight Patrick Hamilton
144 2015 July Dad's Army Jimmy Perry & David Croft
143 2015 June Relatively Speaking Alan Ayckbourn
142 2015 November When We Are Married J. B. Priestley
141 2015 April My Friend Miss Flint Donald Churchill & Peter Yeldham
140 2014 November First Things First Derek Benfield
139 2014 March Curtain Up On Murder Bettine Manktelow
138 2014 July Fawlty Towers Connie Booth & John Cleese
137 2013 November Something To Hide Leslie Sands
136 2013 May Allo Allo Jeremy Lloyd & David Croft
135 2013 March Look Who's Talking Derek Benfield
134 2012 March The Reunion Peter Gordon
133 2011 November Strictly Murder Brian Clemens
129 2009 November Secondary Cause Of Death Peter Gordon
128 2009 March Party To Murder Olive Chase & Stewart Burke
127 2008 November Caught On The Hop Derek Benfield
126 2008 June Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
125 2007 November Cat's Cradle Leslie Sands
124 2007 March Holiday Snap Michael Pertwee & John Chapman
123 2006 March Cash On Delivery Michael Cooney
122 2005 November Murdered To Death Peter Gordon
121 2005 February Out Of Order Ray Cooney
120 2004 October Haywire Eric Chappell
119 2004 March Inspector Drake & The Perfekt Crime David Tristram
118 2003 March Suddenly At Home Francis Durbridge
117 2002 November The Ghost Train Arnold Ridley
116 2002 February Don't Dress For Dinner Marc Camoletti
115 2001 November Love Begins At Fifty Raymond Hopkins
114 1999 April Rebecca Daphne Du Maurier
113 1998 March And Then There Were None Agatha Christie
112 1997 November No Sex Please We're British Alistair Foot
111 1997 March House Guest Francis Durbridge
110 1996 November Off The Hook Derek Benfield
109 1996 March Strictly For The Birds Don Woods
108 1995 December Move Over Mrs Markham Ray Cooney & John Chapman
107 1995 April An Inspector Calls J. B. Priestley
106 1994 November Outside Edge Richard Harris
105 1994 April It Must've Been Murder Don Woods
104 1993 November Shut Your Eyes And Think Of England John Chapman & Anthony Marriott
103 1993 March Table Manners Alan Ayckbourn
102 1992 November Person Unknown Stanley Clayton
101 1992 March Spring & Port Wine Bill Naughton
100 1991 November Holiday Snap Michael Pertwee & John Chapman
99 1991 April Daughter Of The Left Hand Norman Holland
98 1990 November Key For Two John Chapman & Dave Freeman
97 1990 March Deadly Nightcap Francis Durbridge
96 1989 November Bedroom Farce Alan Ayckbourn
95 1989 March Party To Murder Olive Chase & Stewart Burke
94 1988 November Midsummer Mink Peter Coke
93 1988 March Boeing-Boeing Marc Camoletti & Beverley Cross
92 1987 November A Murder Is Announced Agatha Christie
91 1987 April Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
90 1986 November When We Are Married J. B. Priestley
89 1986 April The Whole Truth Philip Mackie
88 1985 November See How They Run Philip King
87 1985 April Hobson's Choice Harold Brighouse
86 1984 November Death Walked In Bettine Manktellow
85 1984 March The Soft September Air Charlotte Hastings
84 1983 November On The Verge Peter Horsler
83 1983 April The Late Mr Larrington Mary Wheeler
82 1982 December Pardon Me Prime Minister Edward Taylor & John Graham
81 1982 March Tomb With A View Norman Robbins
80 1981 November Celebration Keith Waterhouse
79 1981 March Caught On The Hop Derek Benfield
78 1980 November Scarlet Ribbon Rae Shirley
77 1980 May No Room For Love Anthony Marriott & Bob Grant
76 1980 February Driven To Murder Olive Chase & Stanley Clayton
75 1979 November The Late Mrs Early Norman Robbins
74 1979 March Restless Evil Charlotte Hastings
73 1978 November Move Over Mrs Markham Ray Cooney & John Chapman
72 1978 April The Militants Norman Holland
71 1977 November Not Now Darling Ray Cooney & John Chapman
70 1977 March Murder At Midnight Peter Hoar
69 1976 November Surprise Package Duncan Greenwood & Derek Parkes
68 1976 March Bonaventure Charlotte Hastings
67 1975 November Return To Victoria Maurice McGloughlin
66 1975 April Murder At The Vicarage Agatha Christie
65 1975 February Brush With A Body Maurice McGloughlin
64 1974 November Madame Tic-Tac Falkland L Cary & Phillip Weath
63 1974 March The Happiest Days Of Your Life John Dighton
62 1973 November The Bride And The Bachelor Ronald Millar
61 1972 November Busy Body Jack Popplewell
60 1972 April Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte
59 1971 November Big Bad Mouse Philip King
58 1971 May Uncertain Joy Charlotte Hastings
57 1971 February The Brides Of March John Chapman
56 1970 December Mist Over The Mistletoe Dan Sutherland
55 1970 April Witness For The Prosecution Agatha Christie
54 1970 February Spring And Port Wine Bill Naughton
53 1969 November I'll Get My Man Philip King
52 1969 April Separate Tables Terence Rattigan
51 1969 February Boeing-Boeing Marc Camoletti & Beverley Cross
50 1968 November The Shop At Sly Corner Edward Percy and Reginald Denha
49 1968 April Rock-A-Bye, Sailor Philip King & Falkland L Cary
48 1968 January Saturday Night At The Crown Walter Greenwood
47 1967 October The House On The Cliff George Batson
46 1967 May Strike Happy Duncan Greenwood
45 1967 February The Willow And I John Patrick
44 1966 November Here We Come Gathering Philip King & Anthony Armstrong
43 1966 April The Wishing Well E Eynon Evans
42 1966 February Hawk Island Howard Irving Young
41 1965 November Breath Of Spring Peter Coke
40 1965 April Mystery At Blackwater Dan Sutherland
39 1965 January Goodnight Mrs Puffin Arthur Lovegrove
38 1964 November Shadow In The Sun Maurice McGloughlin
37 1964 April Dear Octopus Dodie Smith
36 1964 February Distinguished Gathering James Parish
35 1963 November Watch It Sailor Philip King
34 1963 April Waiting In The Wings Noel Coward
33 1963 February Pools Paradise Philip King
32 1962 November A Letter From The General Maurice McGloughlin
31 1962 April When We Are Married J. B. Priestley
30 1962 February And Then There Were None Agatha Christie
29 1961 November Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
28 1961 May Fool's Paradise Peter Coke
27 1961 February Friends And Neighbours Austin Steele
26 1960 December The Day Is Gone Warren Chetham Strode
25 1960 April One Wild Oat Vernon Sylvaine
24 1960 February The Paper Chain Falkland L Cary & Ivan Butler
23 1959 November And This Was Odd Kenneth Horne
22 1959 February The House By The Lake Hugh Mills
21 1958 November Our Wife Leslie Sands
20 1958 April Cat Among The Pigeons Duncan Greenwood
19 1958 February Ring For Catty Patrick Cargill and Jack Beale
18 1957 March Night Was Our Friend Michael Pertwee
17 1956 December Beside The Seaside Leslie Sands
16 1956 March The Secret Tent Elizabeth Addyman
15 1955 November Madame Louise Vernon Sylvaine
14 1955 March The Cure For Love Walter Greenwood
13 1954 November Double Door Elizabeth McFadden
12 1954 April Night Must Fall Emlyn Williams
11 1954 January See How They Run Philip King
10 1953 November After My Fashion Diana Morgan
9 1953 April Suspect Edward Percy & Reginald Denham
8 1953 January Queen Elizabeth Slept Here Talbot Rothwell
7 1952 November Black Chiffon Lesley Storm
6 1952 April School For Spinsters Roland Pertwee
5 1951 October Duet For Two Hands Mary Hayley Bell
4 1951 May Bonaventure Charlotte Hastings
3 1950 November The Torch Bearers George Kelly
2 1950 March Charity Begins Ireland Wood
1 1949 December Ladies In Retirement Edward Percy & Reginald Denham


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